Visiting Mexico’s coastal tourist destinations and discovering the joys of recreational kayaking

young couple kayaking in crystal clear turquoise water in the Virgin Islands

Last year during vacation I visited Mexico beaches with my wife and we had a lot of fun. The weather was fantastic especially considering that we had left home in very bad weather. It was a great joy to experience the sunny Mexican weather with cool relaxing breezes.

The Mexican beaches are a paradise for travelers. There are all kinds of attractions there to keep the visitor entertained. The resorts and other tourist facilities have all perfected their hospitality skills and any person with any kind of interest will be largely satisfied by the local facilities and their diverse services.

For me and my wife, being a couple in the middle age, we were mostly keen on finding a calming environment that would help us relax from the harsh day to day hectic lifestyle that we had back at home. We wanted some time of quiet and meditation. We also wanted some quality time together where we could foster our love for each other.

Apart from having an escape from our daily hectic lifestyle, we were also keen on maintaining our tradition of maintaining a healthy lifestyle especially in terms of diet and physical fitness. We are both very keen on our personal health and we have always been very particular about the kinds of foods we eat and we have always maintained a routine of physical workouts.

In Mexico we were happy to find that the resorts we visited had special food for people keen on healthy eating. We were also thrilled to find that there were numerous activities that we could engage in to maintain our physical fitness.

In the hotel we lodged in there were well equipped gyms where we could work out. Several even offered some light aerobic classes. However, the best physical exercises that we were able to participate in were the water recreational activities.

Tourists in the Mexican coastal resorts can enjoy water recreational activities such as swimming, deep sea diving, surfing, sailing, water skiing, motor boating, and our favorite… recreational kayaking.

Previous to our visit to Mexico, we had never been very keen on water activities and especially recreational kayaking. In Mexico, we decided to try out the sport which seemed to be a huge favorite for many revelers. After learning the basics and adapting to the water, we found kayaking to be very enjoyable.

Sailing in a tandem kayak we spent many hours on the calm coastal shores enjoying the warm sun and cool breeze. We especially loved the kayaking due to the fact that we could exercise our bodies while still enjoying other benefits such as sightseeing, getting a sun tan, birdwatching, observing marine wildlife, and just enjoying the serenity of the open waters.

The kayaking experience was so good that we decided that we would be engaging in it more and more even back at home. In our home town we have a kayaking resort but we had never had much interest so as to visit it. Now having discovered the joy and benefits of kayaking, we decided that we would invest in cheap kayaks which we could be using at the recreational facility.

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