Satisfying my love for adventure through kayaking

adventureI am one fun loving guy, I am always thinking about my next adventure. This trait is a trait that we share in our family, we all love adventure and especially outdoor fun adventures. Going into the outdoors for excursions is something that we got introduced to as very little kids. Our parents, who also love sport and adventure, would often take us to all kinds of trips around the world in which the main theme for the trips were outdoor activities.

I vividly remember when as a nine year old boy we traveled to Kenya in Africa for a safari. This is one of the events that is ingrained in my mind and I do not think I will forget it soon. Going to Kenya was my first trip to Africa and it was the first time that I visited such a naturally blessed place. Previous to the Kenya vacation, I had been to only one foreign country which was Britain and the weather had been bad. Visiting Kenya provided a great difference.

My Kenya experience was however surpassed by a kayaking trip that we had to Ecuador. During the trip we visited some great tourist attractions in Ecuador’s mainland before heading out to the beach where for a long time we enjoyed various kayaking activities.

The Ecuador beaches were warm with beautiful sunshine warming up the waters and the white sandy beaches. The calm sea allowed tourists to enjoy multiple activities such as swimming, surfboarding, surfing, sailing, diving, and many other activities including beach football. We on the other hand spent much of the time on the kayaks.

During the vacation, we mainly used tandem inflatable kayaks to tour the coastal waters, we toured a great expanse of the beach enjoying the various attractions on the shores. During the tours we were able to see many types of bird species; some that were beautiful and some that were terrifying. We were even able to see some of them dive in and capture fish from the water.

From the safety of our kayaks we were also able to view different marine life in shallow and deep parts of the shores.

After the vacation, I was still not content and I wanted more. It was however impossible to lengthen our stay and we travelled back home. I however made a vow that I would do more kayaking in the future.

After that I managed to often visit numerous kayaking resorts within the country and my passion grew such that while in my teens I managed to save some money and buy a kayak. I bought a beautiful hard shell kayak that I had come across online.

I wanted a hard shell kayak since a hard shell kayak would provide more agility and tracking abilities in the water. Hard shell kayaks are also kayaks that are mostly used by experienced kayakers and from my experiences in kayaking, I considered myself as an experienced kayaker.

I still have the kayak that I bought as a teenager although I am now even much more experienced.

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