Points to consider when shopping for a personal recreational kayak

recreational kayakKayaks are water vessels that are used for different types of applications. When shopping for a personal kayak one needs to first know what they intend to use the kayak for. The different types of kayaks stand out each as a unique model due to the material that is used to build the kayak, the general design of the kayak, and the eventual quality of the kayak.

One of the most common uses of the kayak in modern days is in recreation. Kayaks are used in several different recreational activities which include kayak sports, leisure kayaking, fishing, sightseeing, photography, birdwatching, and sea or ocean touring.

There are recreational kayaks that are ideal for some fun activities while others are not. For example in kayaking sports there are kayaks that are built for specific sports. A sport such as white water kayaking which involves sailing down rough fast moving rivers which many times have dangerous rapids and falls requires a hardy sit in kayak.

A sit in kayak is a kayak where the deck of the kayak is completely covered with a small cockpit in which the pilot sits with his lower body in the deck and only his upper body exposed. Once sited, the pilot fastens a water tight skirt around his body which prevents water from getting into the deck. The opposite of a sit in kayak is a sit on top kayak. This is a kayak that has an open deck and the entire body is exposed.

Sit in kayaks are therefore very good for rough waters since they remain buoyant even in rough waters. They are therefore used in most kayaking sporting activities and activities that involve sailing on rough waters.

Sit on top kayaks are more popular for leisurely recreation. They are good since they allow the pilot more freedom to move around and to enjoy the natural elements such as the sun and breeze better. There are many models for recreational kayaks including tandem kayaks where two or three people can sit in one kayak with the occupants sitting one in front of the other.

When shopping for a kayak one needs to consider the portability of the kayak. If you want a recreational kayak that you will be carrying around, then one should get a kayak that is as portable as possible. The most portable kayak is probably the inflatable kayak. When deflated, the inflatable kayak can be folded and carried in a small bag. Other portable kayaks include foldable kayaks and kayaks that can be split into several pieces for carrying and when one needs to use them they can be snapped back together.

Another popular kayaking recreational activity is fishing or angling. Many anglers’ today prefer kayaks for fishing due to their superiority in navigation, portability, and versatility. Due to its narrow shape and buoyancy, a kayak is able to venture into areas where many other water vessels cannot get to. There are specific kayak models that are specially designed for fishing.

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