Kayaks: Comparing Inflatable kayaks and hard-side kayaks

hard-side kayaksKayaks have increasingly grown in popularity with more and more people embracing them for various water activities. Kayaks are being preferred for water activities due to several outstanding factors. One of the major reasons that make people prefer kayaks is the fact that kayaks are very easy to use. Unlike other water vessels, kayaks can be easily used by people with very little skill in boating. Even a small child can comfortably handle a kayak all on their own on calm waters.

Kayaks are also quite portable. Unlike other water crafts, kayaks are light and they are relatively smaller in size. A single person can easily carry a kayak from one point to another. There are some kayak designs that are even much easier to carry around including inflatable kayaks.

Inflatable kayaks are kayaks that are made with a rubbery material that is made to a tube like shape. When this tube is inflated, the tube forms a very light and strong kayak. When deflated the kayak can be folded into a small size bag and the kayak is very light. This makes it very easy to carry the kayak around.

Inflatable kayaks are however not as hardy and resilient as hard-side kayaks and are therefore not ideal for very rough conditions such as places where there are rough sharp rocks or other materials that might puncture the kayak. Inflatable kayaks are also not very easy to steer around i.e. they are slow in turning. They are also not very good for speed.

Inflatable kayaks are however very good for beginners since they provide great initial stability i.e. the stability of the kayak when in solitary or when slowly moving in calm water. They are not good for rough waters. The material used to make inflatable kayak much cheaper compared to the material used to make other models of kayaks and this makes the inflatable kayaks more affordable than other kayaks.

The huge advantages of the inflatable kayaks including portability, cost, and ease of use even for beginners make them very popular for recreational purposes.

Inflatable kayaks are however not good for activities such as fishing and sporting exercises.

Although Inflatable kayaks can also be used for fishing, many experienced anglers would prefer using hard-side kayaks for their fishing. Hard side kayaks provide better maneuverability especially if the angler wants to access waters that are in tricky areas where there might be rocks or other hazardous features that would damage an inflatable kayak.

Hard-side kayaks also provide a solid base where fishing tackle can be anchored and stored. These includes storage for items such as bait casting reels and rods, sinkers, lines and spears. Hard sides are also good for anglers since fishing can sometimes become rough and one would need to have a vessel that is agile and hardy.

Inflatable kayaks are not good for sporting activities due to their lack of speed and lack of agility. Hard side kayaks are therefore preferred for activities such as white water kayaking, show boating and kayak racing.

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