Growing up to love fishing and falling in love while kayak fishing

JetKayakFishing is a hobby that I developed as a little boy. I grew up in the marshes of Vietnam and I was raised by my grandparents after my parents died during the war. My parents had been killed while working in the rice fields; an enemy aircraft had razed the field where peasants were working with machine gun fire. I was lucky to escape death since the day had been hot and my mother had decided to leave me in the hut where we lived.

My grandparents had taken me and raised me. I had grown to know them as my only family since the other family members had either also been killed or had fled and settled in faraway lands. My grandparents had taken great care of me, dotingly giving me the very best nurturing.

My grandfather was a great fisherman. This is what he did to support us and he loved it. He would wake up early every morning and take his canoe off into the marshes where he would fish all day. Many times he came back with a great catch which my grandmother would take the next day to the market to sell. We survived quiet well in this simple way.

As I grew older, my grandfather started taking me along on his fishing trips. For many years this became my life. I would go out to fish with my grandpa and I grew to become a great fishing expert thanks to my grandfather’s tutelage.

Today, as a grown up adult, I still love fishing. When I was a bachelor, I had an old town predator kayak that I would go fishing on. Fishing was my best form of recreation especially since it helped me remember where I came from. Having migrated to the United States and getting a good job, I did not want to forget my heritage and my humble beginnings.

My grandparents died when I was in my late teens but they had given me a strong foundation that made me a responsible person and I had managed to make my way through life. The solo fishing escapades were periods that brought back great memories of them.

It was during my fishing trips that I met my wife-to-be. She was also a fishing enthusiast and a loner like I was. I noticed her severally fishing alone in the same waters that I was fishing in. After some time I mustered the courage to make acquaintances with her.  I came to like her company very much and we fished many months side by side in our individual kayaks talking about different things in life.

The relationship became stronger when we decided to go to Europe together for vacation. The idea was to tour some of the top kayaking and fishing destinations in the continent.

During the vacation our bond grew stronger especially after we decided to share a tandem kayak during the fishing and kayaking escapades. By the time we were coming to the end of the vacation, we had become an inseparable pair.

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