Growing up in a loving family… kayaking as a great activity for family bonding

family bondingOur family has been a tight knit unit ever since when we were growing up. The strong bond between us was fostered by our parents who led the way by example. In all my life I have never seen a couple that loves each other and supports each other as much as my dad and my mum. I do not say this simply because they are my parents, but I can truly say that my parents are the most perfect couple that I have ever come across.

Seeing our parents love each other and strive to support each other as much as they did must have had an immense impact on us as growing kids. It was the perfect example for us to emulate. My mother and father obviously had numerous disagreements amongst themselves just like many couples do but they knew how to deal with them. We never heard them raise their voices at each other; maybe they did but not in our presence. My mother was especially quite strong mentally and she would many times submit to my father’s stubbornness and let him have his way. Many times this would make my father reconsider his stance and they would talk and reach a compromise.

My father was very good at bringing the whole family together and guiding us into doing things together in one spirit of love and togetherness. We lived in a farm and many times we worked in the farm as a unit.

Apart from working in the farm, our dad was also very good at choosing activities in which we could all go out and enjoy. One of our favorite activities was fishing. When we were still very small my dad had gone fishing alone in his old town vapor kayak but he had later bought two large inflatable kayaks in which all of us could go out fishing in. My father went in one and my mum would take the other.

We loved fishing so much because of the fun that we had out on our kayaks in the open waters. Our love for fishing was also because of the fact that we loved eating fish. Usually when we went out kayak fishing we would compete to see who got a catch and who would get the biggest catch.

These kayaking escapades became a favorite for the family and it became a tradition that we would always go kayaking on the last weekend of the month.

Growing up we had a family dog that was quite a darling. The dog was loved by everyone in the family. Being six members in the family, the dog was like the seventh member. He lived in our house and was very much part of our family life.

My sister, who is the last born in our family, was especially fond of the dog. One time when she was still a little child she suggested that we should be taking the dog along in our kayaking trips. At first this seemed like a hilarious idea but I later came to discover kayaks that are specially made to accommodate pets including dogs.

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