Filling up my time with kayaking after failing to immediately get a job after college

kayaking seaAfter I graduated from college, it took me a long time before I was able to finally get a job. Despite having graduated with high honors from college, there were simply no vacancies in all the places where I sent my job applications. Many times I received regret letters asking me to wait until there was an opening. I had no choice and so I waited.

Staying at home without doing anything meaningful was very tough for me. In my time while at school I had been active all the time. In college I was a basketball player, and I was also a member of other extracurricular clubs such as the nature conservation club. I was also quite active socially and I had many friends with whom we did many things together. As such I rarely had any idle time.

Our home where I lived with my parents is in a quite countryside where there are very few social activities going on. Many of the residents are middle aged and elderly citizens who are mostly at work or holed up in their houses. Many of the young people in the area take off to the urban cities to work or they are off at school. As such, I did not have much company or activities that I could indulge myself in as I stayed at home and waited for a job opportunity to avail itself.

As time went on I would take walks around the neighborhood lest boredom literally killed me. Close to our home there is a lake where there is a kayaking resort. I had never visited the resort due to a lack of interest in water recreational activities. However, with the acute boredom, I one day wondered into the resort to see what took place in the resort.

It was a weekday and there weren’t any visitors around that I could see. There was only one gentleman who was bent down over some kayaks doing some sort of cleaning or maintenance work. With no other place where I could venture into without authorization, I slowly walked to where the gentleman in worn-out dungarees was scrubbing a kayak.

Strolling over to where he was, I casually greeted him and he joyfully answered back. He asked me if I wanted to go for a recreational kayak ride or if I wanted to go for kayak fishing.

When I told him that I was just passing by he inquired if I had ever done either; adding that he had never seen me at the site before. I confessed that I had never had much interest in kayaking.

My confession surprised him a great deal. He could not imagine a person with no interest in kayaking. I later learnt that he had been an attendant in the site for many years and that he worked there mainly out of passion. He went ahead to tell me a lot about the kayaks that they had. They had kayaks for recreational use such as inflatable kayaks they also had some advanced kayaks for sporting activities and for fishing.

I liked the company of the attendant and I got interested in kayaking. From that day, I often visited the site and spent time working with the attendant until finally I got a call about a job vacancy.

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