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Visiting Mexico’s coastal tourist destinations and discovering the joys of recreational kayaking

Last year during vacation I visited Mexico beaches with my wife and we had a lot of fun. The weather was fantastic especially considering that we had left home in very bad weather. It was a great joy to experience the sunny Mexican weather with cool relaxing breezes. The Mexican beaches are a paradise for

5 Most Dangerous Cities For Travelers In 2014

With all the lovely places on planet Earth to visit it is sometimes hard to believe as a traveler that danger lurks about. However before you plan that trip to a different country it’s best to check and see if that country is indeed safe to visit. There is political and social unrest in some

Accomplishing Travel Bucket List Items

Do you have a bucket list? A bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die. It can be anything as varied as writing a novel, to travelling to Italy, to snorting blow off an escort’s buttocks – its your bucket list, you can have anything you want on it.

Looking For Unique Travel Destinations? Try These On For Size!

1. The Dubai Aquarium and Discovery Center Known as the biggest aquarium in the world, the Dubai Aquarium houses over 33,000 fish in its massive tanks. You can learn about some of the rarest fishes to make it into an aquarium here, and also go shopping at the Dubai Mall which houses the aquarium, too.