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Satisfying my love for adventure through kayaking

I am one fun loving guy, I am always thinking about my next adventure. This trait is a trait that we share in our family, we all love adventure and especially outdoor fun adventures. Going into the outdoors for excursions is something that we got introduced to as very little kids. Our parents, who also

Growing up in a loving family… kayaking as a great activity for family bonding

Our family has been a tight knit unit ever since when we were growing up. The strong bond between us was fostered by our parents who led the way by example. In all my life I have never seen a couple that loves each other and supports each other as much as my dad and

Kayaks: Comparing Inflatable kayaks and hard-side kayaks

Kayaks have increasingly grown in popularity with more and more people embracing them for various water activities. Kayaks are being preferred for water activities due to several outstanding factors. One of the major reasons that make people prefer kayaks is the fact that kayaks are very easy to use. Unlike other water vessels, kayaks can

Points to consider when shopping for a personal recreational kayak

Kayaks are water vessels that are used for different types of applications. When shopping for a personal kayak one needs to first know what they intend to use the kayak for. The different types of kayaks stand out each as a unique model due to the material that is used to build the kayak, the

Is Kayaking for You?

If you’ve ever tipped over a kayak before – and if you’ve used a kayak at all in your life, you probably have – chances are that you’re having trouble even picturing the vessel as a viable fishing boat. But the truth is, if you can get a handle on effective kayaking strategies, then there