Attaining personal health and mental soundness through kayaking

kayaking 5Personal health and mental wellbeing is very important for the wellbeing of any individual. Health generally refers to the state of the body being in a state where each system is functioning properly and one does not have any injuries, sickness, or pains. Without proper health the individual usually suffers from any of several negative consequences including disease, abnormalities, and disorders.

Physical fitness is part of personal health. Being physically fit means that your body, especially your muscular structure, is in optimal condition. Physical fitness does not center on the muscles only, when one is physically fit other body systems are also in peak shape and optimal performance. Some of these systems include the circulatory system/ cardiovascular system, the respiratory systems, the digestive system, the reproductive system, the lymphatic/ immune system, and the nervous system.

Physical fitness is usually achieved through working the muscles. This is done through rigorous physical activities that usually involves the movement of the limbs and general movement of the body.

In earlier days, physical exercise was achieved through normal day to day activities such as walking and working. In the early days man did not have machines to work for him and so he had to do the work himself. In the process man would work his body and attain physical fitness/ health. This was also done during travel or locomotion, there were no vehicles and most of the time man had to walk or run to get to wherever he wanted to go.

In recent times this has changed a great deal and today man has machines and other technological appliances to help him do all the hard physical or manual work. Transport is also mechanized. As such, man’s health is deteriorating due to lack of exercise.

Since exercise is still important, people are now participating in alternative physical activities to help them exercise their bodies. One of the activities that people are embracing today as a means for working out their body is kayaking.

There are many types of kayaks including inflatable kayaks which are cheap  and are easy to use for any person of any skill including beginners. Inflatable kayaks are also light and not bulky and so they are very easy to carry around. As such, individuals who are enthusiastic about kayaking are buying personal kayaks and using them at their own convenience during their free time to work out their bodies.

Kayaking is a good way to work out the body since it employs many muscle groups. While kayaking one uses the arm muscles, the shoulder muscles, the chest muscles, abdominal muscles, and leg muscles. As such, one is able to get a complete workout by just paddling around in a kayak.

Kayaks are also used for fishing. Fishing is also a great way for doing some physical exercise although during fish kayaking or angling one is able to attain more psychological benefits as compared to physical benefits. This is because fishing activities are not very demanding physically but they are very relaxing and refreshing for the mental faculties.

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