Accomplishing Travel Bucket List Items

Mount_KilimanjaroDo you have a bucket list? A bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die. It can be anything as varied as writing a novel, to travelling to Italy, to snorting blow off an escort’s buttocks – its your bucket list, you can have anything you want on it. For most people, there’s a lot more of the first two, and less of the latter, but then again some people like to live wild.

As we roll into the warmer weather and the prime travel season around the corner, there’s no better time to start crossing some of those travel related bucket list items off of your list. After all, we only have a limited number of summers in our lives. If your summer bucket list looks untouched, it might be time to get cracking on those life experiences. Here are a few of my bucket list items for this summer:

1. Get Married & Have The Perfect Honeymoon

This first one might be a bit boring, but I’ll probably only get one crack at it. I’m still trying to decide on the perfect honeymoon destination, but I have a few candidates. I’d make it a goal to have a perfect wedding as well, but all of my family in one place at the same time? Throw in my friends? Throw in Marie’s friends and family? Throw in an open bar? Probably not going to happen.

2. Sky Dive Over Everest

I’ve tried sky diving and I’ve enjoyed it, but I saw an ad recently for a company that will take you skydiving over the himalayas. I think it would be amazing to skydive with Mt everest in the backdrop. Of course, it costs nearly $30,000 for the experience, but hey, its still cheaper than actually climbing Everest right?

3. Hike Kilimanjiro

Its the easiest of the 7 summits, and the only one that you can do without any training. If I had a bit of mountaineering experience (and a little more cash saved up) I would try tackling Everest. Perhaps a bucket list item for another time.

4. Scuba Dive With Sharks At The Great Barrier Reef

I want to scuba dive with sharks, and I want to see the great barrier reef, so why not kill two birds with one stone? The way things are going, the reef won’t be around forever, so I better check it out while I still can.

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