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Best Sites for Discount Coupons

Regardless of the type of ailment your pet may be experiencing, that ailment may require a prescription from your veterinarian. From bad breath to arthritis, prescriptions are prescribed to provide for our dogs and keep them healthy. Often time’s prescriptions can be very expensive, especially for dogs and cats. 1-800-PetMeds is the nation’s leading outlet

Knowing the Buddy behind Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are a common treat given to dogs instead of raw hide treats. Many pet owners who purchase these chewing sticks have no idea what is in them nor whether or not they are safe for their pets. Many pet owners already know that probiotics are good for their dogs and frequently feed their

The Throwing Up Dilemma

Dogs face a lot of similar health struggles as we do. One of the biggest issues with dogs is vomiting. There are a variety of reasons a dog may throw up. They also experience issues with their joints making it difficult for them to move about freely. Your job as a pet owner is to

Feeling His Pain

If you have a dog you know what it’s like to want nothing but the best for him. When he is pain it can be devastating to you and your family and you want nothing more than to get him well soon. However, there are certain pain medications that are good for your pet and